8 minute abs

8 Minute Abs to get 6 Pack (Level 1 & Level 2) – 100% Works

8 minute abs workout to get 6 pack works if you do everything in proper way till next 30 days. Using level 1 and level 2 exercise (without equipment) you can surely get what you desired. So, let’s see what to do and how to do?

8 minute abs

8 Minute Abs Workout to get Six Pack – Level 1

Nearly everybody likes to work their abs; regardless of whether they are doing it for the correct reasons is an alternate inquiry all together however a solid centre (abs, lower back, and obliques) is consistently something to be thankful for to have.

This fast-brief abs exercise isn’t just extraordinary at getting a pleasant consume in your abs however it is additionally a snappy and simple exercise that doesn’t need any hardware, so you have no reasons for not doing it.

I mean please… it’s just 8 minutes – even the busiest of individuals have 8 minutes to save. Let’s see the 8 minutes abs works schedule, timing, and sets.

Exercise Structure for Level 1

  • 1 Set for each Exercise
  • 8 Exercises
  • 50 Seconds Active; 10 Seconds Rest


  • Mat (it is optional), you can even do all without mat

8 Minute Abs Exercises

  1. Knee Tuck Crunch
  2. Chest Raise
  3. Oblique Crunch (Left)
  4. Oblique Crunch (Right)
  5. Jackknife Crunch
  6. Swimmers
  7. Russian Twist
  8. Plank

Here’s quick video so you can get an idea how to do them properly, easily and quickly. You can even check other trainers’ video and look for some alternative abs exercise.

8 Minute Abs Workout to get Six Pack – Level 2

For a beginner level 1 is quite OK but if you are a professional or had some experience then increase the timing and sets’ repetitions of each and every exercise and try to cover them within provided time frame.

So in level 2, double your workout speed and do all exercise quickly with double speed to get fast results. The more fat you will burn, better results you will get!

Final Words

This exercise is short and just focuses on the center muscles so its general calorie consume is somewhat low yet don’t skip it thus. Having a tight, solid center can assist you with improving your structure and capacity to do many different activities and regular day to day existence exercises.

This exercise consumes from 5 calories each moment on the low end up to 10 calories each moment on the very good quality giving you an absolute consume of 40 to 80 calories in only 8 minutes.

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