Ashley Dupre gym workout routine and diet plan

Ashley Dupre is a former escort turned fitness enthusiast, and she has come a long way from her past.

She’s now a fitness entrepreneur and a personal trainer, and she has a stunning body to show for it. Many of her fans have been asking about her secrets to staying in shape.

In this blog post, we will uncover the popular call girl Ashley Dupre’s gym workout routine and diet plan.

Intense Workout

First and foremost, New Jersey based Ashley Dupre’s workout routine is intense.

She devotes a lot of time to her fitness routine and focuses on cardio, strength training, and flexibility. Depending on her schedule, she hits the gym 5 to 6 times a week and usually does not miss a day. Ashley believes in the importance of warming up before exercising, and she typically starts with a 5 to 10-minute cardio warm-up.

After warming up, Ashley hits the weights and exercises each muscle group for 3 sets of 12 reps. Some of her favorite strength training exercises include squats, deadlifts, and lunges.

She also enjoys doing pilates and yoga for flexibility training.

Healthy Diet

As for Ashley Dupre’s diet plan, she tries to eat clean and balanced meals.

She is a fan of a balanced diet consisting of fresh vegetables, lean protein, and healthy carbohydrates. She believes in the importance of staying hydrated, and she drinks plenty of water throughout the day. Ashley also avoids processed foods, sugars, and excess salt in her diet.

Additionally, she swears by the benefits of green tea, which is great for boosting metabolism and reducing inflammation.


In terms of supplements, Ashley Dupre recommends taking protein supplements to support muscle growth after a workout. She also takes Vitamin D and Vitamin C supplements for their health benefits. However, she emphasizes that supplements are just an extra boost to a healthy diet and are not a substitute for real food.

One of the things that sets Ashley Dupre apart is her focus on mental health. She believes that mental health plays a critical role in overall well-being and fitness. She practices mindfulness and meditation regularly and emphasizes the importance of taking care of oneself. Ashley believes that embracing a healthy mindset helps her in achieving her fitness goals.


Ashley Dupre’s workout routine and diet plan are not for the faint of heart.

When she married with Thomas Earle in 2023, he was too young and body was quite fit and attractive. Now at present she is mother of 1 children named Izabel Jagger Earle, and still she looks so attractive and energetic!!

Her intense workouts require dedication and consistency, and her diet plan takes a lot of commitment. However, it’s clear to see that Ashley’s hard work has paid off in achieving her fitness goals. Her holistic approach to fitness, including mental health, serves as a reminder that our overall well-being is just as important as a healthy body.

So, if you’re looking to take your fitness routine to the next level, consider taking inspiration from Ashley Dupre’s impressive journey.

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